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Patrick served as a senior official in President Trump’s administration and on the front lines of the post-election legal fight in Georgia after November 3rd. Under President Trump’s leadership, Patrick fought to eliminate Critical Race Theory from our federal government and drain the DC swamp. As a member of the Trump legal team, Patrick exposed the ways in which Democrats stole the election and stood up to RINOs who were too weak to do anything about it. He knows from firsthand experience that liberals won’t stop until they destroy everything we know and love about America. It’s up to us to fight back.


America is the greatest country in the world. We’re so blessed to call her home. But now more than ever, America’s fate hangs in the balance. A new generation of patriots must step up to defend her.

Hate-America liberal elites seek to tear our country apart from within and entrench themselves in power permanently. Woke cancel culture in our workplaces. Divisive Critical Race Theory in our children’s schools. Men competing in women’s sports. Defund the Police making our neighborhoods less safe. Big Tech censorship. A porous southern border. A dystopian surveillance state that spies on its own citizens and jails political dissidents. A corrupt fake news media that pushes Democrat propaganda. A Biden administration that shills for China. And a bunch of weak, do-nothing Republicans who are content to swirl their wine and manage America’s decline.

We need conservative fighters with the knowhow and the guts to rise up and lead. It’s time to go on offense and take our country back.

I’m Patrick Witt, and I’m the America First candidate running to be your next congressman.

As a senior official in the Trump administration and a key member of the president’s post-election legal team in Georgia, my job was simple: fight for the America First agenda and stop the Democrat takeover of our elections.

In Congress, I will continue to fight for you with everything I’ve got. I will always put your family’s concerns first. And I will never cave to the Democrats or their accomplices in the fake news media or Big Tech.

I will listen to and act on your concerns, and I will be a leader in the House of Representatives who gets results for you. The stakes are too high for us to stay on the sidelines in 2022.

Let’s Take Back America. Vote Patrick Witt for Congress.